Let’s get something straight from the top: I have no delusions of adequacy when it comes to my music. I enjoy playing keyboards, and I sometimes like the sounds that come out when I do. I also enjoy messing about with Ableton Live and Acid Pro, and I sometimes enjoy the noises that come out of that as well.

I’ve hosted them on SoundCloud for free unlimited streaming, and have set up a bandcamp site if you would like to purchase downloadable high quality files / support my work. My work is copyrighted all rights reserved, but if you’re interested in acquiring commercial rights for any of it, just reach out to me.

I’ve started making music again… here’s my latest work:

Batteries Low: A song about a dying rover and about love


Pants in a Can “Radio Spots”


I am not a big mashup / remix artist, but here are a couple of ones I did for and with my World of Warcraft guild.

Pil-Low Rider
A mashup I did from recordings of Pillowpants (Winterson) our raid leader.. the way he said “Oh, My God” struck me as fitting with “Low Rider” so I made it happen

GLaDOS – Team Typo Raid Announcement (Full)
GLaDOS – Team Typo Raid Announcement (Short)
These are our guilds official “raid rules” we would play at the beginning of each run. We often had non guild folks helping out and the announcements were actually a big hit. The recording is my voice, altered via Melodyne to sound like GLaDOS.

Tofu – Smile Story (EXPLICIT)
One of our guildies, (Tofu) logged on to our ventrillo chat very drunk one night and interrupted our raid to tell us all a story.. it was so hilarious we didn’t even mind missing progression that night. This is 100% not safe for work and is very explicit.. references to prostitution and sexual acts. This is a mashup using the song “Love is Psychedelic” from Fantastic Plastic Machine (from the album “Beautiful”).

Pillowpants von Fluffybutt – Still a Failure
Our Raid leader, Pillowpants von Fluffybutt enjoys filking. This is his “still a failure” riff on “Still Alive” by Johnathan Coulton.

Pennsic 36

Here are some links to drumming and general ambiance I recorded at Pennsic 36.
PLEASE NOTE: I did not create these, I recorded them live in the field with a Sony Minidisc recorder.

Older Stuff

These are my older songs… created between 2000 and 2002.