Annoying “Coming Soon” in Outlook – Vanquished

I will admit it – I really hate ads on web pages/sites. Enough so that I’ve worked hard to find good ad and script blocking in my browser of choice.

I use FireFox ESR with UBlock Origin and NoScript – this is totally not for everyone as it makes a lot of sites very broken – I keep Chrome installed as a backup for when I need a site but it refuses to play nice with my normal browser.

Anyway, I was recently annoyed by my MS Outlook app that I have to use for work – it has this “Coming Soon, Try it now” box in the top right. I’ve mostly been able to ignore it as I have the “try it now” switch off so it at least doesn’t try and turn on new things/ change things without my consent – but it still feels “spammy” I don’t want it taking up screen real estate

I looked in the preferences to see if I could turn it off but no such option could be found. I finally searched for it and found what I was looking for on the Microsoft Support site.

The TL;DR: is use regedit to add this


add a REG_DWORD with the name DisablePreviewPlace and the value 1

Then restart Outlook

I’m just glad it was possible to disable – it’s a minor thing but in a world that feels so out of control, at least this day – this one time I clawed back just a bit of it.