After a recent server migration, I noticed that the TTFB (Time To First Byte) of the WordPress admin tools of one of my sites was abysmal – it would literally take over 10 seconds to get the page to open – sometimes up to 20

“Site health check” on the admin panel was telling me that the REST API was not working and that loopback was failing among other things.

I diligently googled the errors I was seeing, and folks had advice about adding entries to /etc/hosts and running (buying) plugins to check queries and “tune” WordPress. I went down a bunch of rabbit holes only to realize that my root issue was my Ethernet interface definition. It turns out that when I moved my server hosting, the address for the internal DNS server on the new hosting network was different .. I had the old DNS entry deep down in the network config files and this was the root of my issue.

The second I corrected that my site started working at lightning speed.

The take-away on this is – before you go down that insane rabbit hole, go back to your basics and just verify that the fundamental stuff is right.

I do this all the time with my customers – so often finding a panicked developer who has been throwing thing after thing at the wall and actually creating more problems for themself (that I then have to help them undo) and when I convince them to stop and take a deep breath and start from square one and lets just sanity check the basics.. BINGO!

I am not immune to this – Clearly, I need to take my own advice.