Back in April of 2015, I underwent a server migration from a dedicated physical server to virtual servers. It marked an end to me hosting web sites for other folks. I’ve been running along smoothly with those, but recently I received a notice that a key part of my hosting environment was going end of life.

So, I went to update that and found out that I could not because the OS I was on was too out of date. Time for a new migration.

I’m still with Netsonic. They continue to provide excellent service and support. Their tech, Adam S. was very helpful. We got the new instance up and running within a day and I was able to migrate my domains and services by the end of the next day.

I’ve spent this weekend making some long-needed updates to my web sites (migration is well and done, but just updating security and updating to newer versions of various server components, and tweaking site design etc.. You might even notice a whole new look and feel for

I managed to get back into the groove of Linux administration fairly quickly – I will admit I felt a bit rusty, so it’s good to pull out those skills and use them again.