PaleMoon, Please do not Disappoint!

I’ve been a long-time FireFox user – the tabbed browsing features and certain vital add-ons like NoScript and FlashBlock make it a good “default web browser” that makes web use fairly safe (almost all web-delivered malware requires JavaScript and/or Flash or other vulnerable plugins… so by not having flash and turning off scripts by default, it’s a lot less risky)

Anyway, several versions back, FireFox completely changed their UI … making it look and work a lot more like Chrome. If I’d have wanted Chrome, I’d have used Chrome dammit!

So, I held back updates on FireFox for a bit until I found PaleMoon ( – it’s a “fork” of Mozilla FireFox which keeps the old UI / tabs… but keeps up with security updates.

I’ve been a happy user ever since… until I started noticing a HUGE slowdown on web sites … bad enough that I was double checking my system for malware and badly behaving programs …out of desperation, I tested in Chrome and FireFox and everything was “snappy”