The Digital Sorceress


I consider myself to be an amateur photographer, though in my past I've done some weddings and freelancing jobs for local papers. Still, nowadays, I've pretty much decided that I'm in it for personal satisfaction. I am thus freed from the NEED to take pictures which is probably one of the things that led me to give up photography for several years.

With few exceptions, I license all my photography with the Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, Share-Alike (CC:my-nc-sa) license. The upshot of all this is that unless otherwise stated, anyone is free to copy and use my photos so long as the use is noncommercial (as in, "Can only be used editorially or artistically, not to promote a service, product, or organization... even nonprofit ones), and that attribution is provided (you need to credit my work back to me). Furthermore, you can modify my work, creating derivative works, so long as any such use follows the same terms (attribution, noncommercial), and requires the same of others down-the-line.

Note that unless otherwise specified, none of my photographs which include individually identifiable people or property have model or property releases attached. Therefore no permission, either implied or explicit, is given to use such materials in any situation where a model or property release would be required.

More to come...