The Digital Sorceress


Let's get something straight from the top: I have no delusions of adequacy when it comes to my music. I enjoy playing keyboards, and I sometimes like the sounds that come out when I do. I also enjoy messing about with Sony Acid Pro, and I sometimes enjoy the noises that come out of that as well.

Feel free to download and listen... share with your friends, point and laugh, whatever personal use you want to put them to is fine by me, as long as you don't take credit or blame. If you wish to use any/all of my music/audio creations in your own works (samples, incidental music) and it's not-for profit, go for it (though I would like proper credit). If you wish to use any of my music/audio creations in commercial or for-profit works, you need to email me and we'll talk about it. (A nice chat about royalties, credit, and general legal stuff like that).

Ok... The tunes

I've set up on SoundCloud - but here too are direct downloads:


I've started making music again... here's my latest work:


Pants in a Can "Radio Spots"


I am not a big mashup / remix artist, but here are a couple of ones I did for and with my World of Warcraft guild.

Pennsic 36

Here are some links to drumming and general ambiance I recorded at Pennsic 36.

Older Stuff

These are my older songs... created between 2000 and 2002.

--The Digital Sorceress